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The American brand shared new details about the “charged” version of the fastback. Photos of the interior have been published for the first time, information about package options has been added, and the starting price is set at 325 thousand dollars! Thus, a Mustang GTD will be 7.5 times more expensive than a Mustang GT with a V8 engine and manual transmission. The difference with the base Mustang is 10.5 times!

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Although the limited-edition Mustang GTD is much more expensive than its regular counterparts, the difference in the interior is in the finishing touches. The seats have changed (these are also buckets, but without a reclining mechanism and symbols on the headrests), the paddle shifters have been modified (now they are titanium and with perforations), carbon fiber inserts have appeared everywhere, the graphics of the digital instruments and touchscreen have been re-rendered, and instead of the rear sofa there is an observation window behind the pendant.

Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford

The buyer of a Mustang GTD will be able to choose the Performance and Lightweight packages, as well as order the Carbon line fastback – in such cars the body remains unpainted on the hood, roof and parts of the trunk lid. Another feature of the “carbon” package is the design of 20-inch wheels made of aluminum or magnesium. This is exactly the coupe that was shown in official photographs this time.

Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford

Technical characteristics are not fully disclosed. It is known that under the hood there is a 5.2-liter compressor V8, which will develop more than 800 horsepower. The aerodynamic body kit has also been changed, and the curb weight has been reduced due to the transition to more expensive materials and the abandonment of sound insulation. There are no absolute values, but the new product completes the Nürburgring Nordschleife in less than seven minutes.

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In the US and Canada, orders for the Ford Mustang GTD are already closed, and in Europe the configurator will open today at 13:00 local time. In June, clients from Mexico and the Middle East will be able to submit their applications. The total circulation of the special version is expected to be only 1,400 pieces, and demand already exceeds supply five times.

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