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The company uses the Vision artificial intelligence system based on the Maximo platform from IBM, which is capable of detecting a variety of flaws on the conveyor – from the curvature of body panels to the absence of nameplates. The electronic “controller” is a regular mobile phone that takes pictures of the parts. It has already proven its effectiveness, and Ford is counting on AI to improve the quality of its cars.

In 2023, the Van Dyke plant installed an average of 40 oil pumps with defective rubber seals each month. In April 2024, after the use of AI, not a single such case was registered.

Artificial intelligence is capable of detecting 463 types of manufacturing errors, including deformation of body panels and missing door latch. The AI ​​will also notice if a model of a certain configuration has received the wrong nameplate, if it is affixed incorrectly or is missing altogether. The system takes pictures of components, which it compares with 30 other images of normal or defective parts. It only takes her two seconds to detect the error.

A fake from a neural network or a really strange car? Artificial intelligence began to evaluate the condition of Russian roads Ford recalls two million crossovers due to a dangerous defect

AI is already being used at 20 Ford plants around the world. Perhaps electronics will help the company reduce the number of recalls, for which it has been the leader among American manufacturers for three years in a row.

Other auto brands also use AI, but they mainly use it in multimedia systems and voice assistants. In Russia they are also working on this: they want to equip domestic machines with the Russian-language interactive neural network GigaChat from Sber.

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