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The former plant of the Japanese brand will produce tires under a different name — Gislaved. This is reported by Autonews with reference to the press service of the tire cluster “Cordiant”, which is part of the holding S8 Capital, which currently owns the plant. It is expected that the Gislaved enterprise will be able to produce up to 2.4 million tires per year.

Gislaved is a brand founded in Sweden in 1893. It began producing car tires in 1905, and in 1991 it was acquired by the German company Continental AG. Tyres under the Gislaved brand are already being produced by the former Continental enterprise in Kaluga, which was also acquired by S8 Capital. The company bought the rights to the brand, including production technologies and rubber compound recipes.

Bridgestone came to Russia in 1998. Every year, the plant in Ulyanovsk produced 2.4 million tires ranging in size from 13 to 19 inches, which were sold at retail and supplied to factories for primary assembly.

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In 2022, the Japanese manufacturer paused both production and deliveries of tires to Russia. At the end of last year, it completely got rid of local assets.

Since the beginning of 2024, Russians have bought tires for more than 52 billion rubles, according to the CRPT. This is 27 percent more than for the same period in 2023. Russian factories are expected to increase production by five percent this year and produce up to 48 million tires.

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