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Cars of the new Solaris brand, under which well-known Hyundai and Kia models are sold in Russia, went on sale at the beginning of spring this year. At first, dealers were shipped cars with camouflage film in place of emblems, and they themselves stuck Solaris nameplates, and only recently the cars began to be “renamed” right on the conveyor. This is confirmed by a video that was noticed by the Tagaz Telegram channel.

The graphic image of the Solaris trademark emblem was patented in the spring: it is the letter S in the form of an oval. Such nameplates are now pasted on the radiator grille and on the steering wheel of cars, in the same place where the Hyundai logo used to be.

The Solaris lineup includes four models: the HS sedan, the HC crossover, the KRS sedan and the KRX cross-hatchback (Hyundai Solaris, Creta, Kia Rio and Rio X). They are assembled from the remaining components at the former Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus plant, which was renamed AGR after the departure of the South Korean company.

The Solaris brand has opened its first dealerships In Russia, there is a rush demand for new Solaris: the first batch was sold out in a day In Russia, they want to restart the plant that used to produce General Motors cars

As of July 10, Solaris HS costs from 2,010,000 rubles for a modification with a 1.4-liter engine with 100 horsepower and from 2,013,000 rubles for a sedan equipped with a 123-horsepower 1.6 engine and a manual transmission. And the most expensive Solaris with an automatic transmission costs 2,170,000 rubles. Current prices for the Solaris HC crossover, also known as Hyundai Creta in the past, range from 2,517,000 to 2,817,000 rubles.

Solaris KRS (former Kia Rio) can be purchased for 2,038,000-2,177,000 rubles, this model, like its cross-version KRX (2,064,000-2,345,000 rubles), is presented with an alternative combination of a 1.6 engine with a capacity of 123 horsepower and a six-speed automatic.

All four models are covered by a three-year or 100,000-kilometer warranty.

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