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The incident occurred on the M-12 highway: the owner of the Chinese crossover GAC GS8 and his wife were driving from Orenburg to Moscow, and when they turned into a gas station, smoke poured out from under the bottom of the car, the front left door caught fire, the driver’s belt got stuck and the brakes failed. While the driver was trying to get out of the burning car, he received burns to his body. The GAC told reporters it was conducting its own investigation into the situation.

In a conversation with Rossiyskaya Gazeta, a representative of the Chinese brand said that “immediately after receiving the initial information from the driver, Autolight, the official dealer of the GAC brand, sent all the initial data to the quality and safety department.” “Throughout the entire time, the dealer was in constant communication with the injured driver, providing the necessary assistance and support, including issuing a replacement car. At the moment, a thorough check and analysis of the circumstances under which the fire occurred is being carried out,” the newspaper quotes the GAC press service.

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The incident occurred in early May, and, according to a company representative, the injured car owner has not yet provided the car for a full technical inspection – the examination is scheduled for May 17. The GAC emphasized that it will establish the cause of the fire and determine whether it is “related to any manufacturing defect or the installation of associated non-standard equipment.”

The GS8’s underbody and engine were reportedly burned out. Gas station employees helped extinguish the car. The driver with burns to his face, arms and legs was taken to a Moscow hospital.

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