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As the Autopotok Telegram channel noted, the trademarks of five electric cars from the Aion passenger line – Aion S, Aion ES, Aion Y Plus, Aion LX and Anion V – have appeared in the database of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS). They are not yet officially available in Russia. are being sold, but the filings hint at their possible entry into the market, especially given GAC’s ambitious plans for Russia.

The Aion brand was launched in 2018 as a sub-brand of GAC New Energy, and in 2020 it spun off into a highly successful separate brand. Last year, GAC’s NEV (new energy vehicle) sales jumped 78 percent, thanks largely to Aion, which sold nearly half a million vehicles.

So far, Aion electric cars are coming to Russia only through parallel imports. For example, a year ago dealers brought the Aion LX Plus crossover for 4.2 million rubles. For this amount they offered an electric car with an autopilot, cameras, an automatic parking system and an interior trimmed with genuine Nappa leather.

Aion LX Plus
GAC Aion Y Plus
GAC Aion S Plus
GAC Aion V

It is powered by a twin-engine unit producing 490 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. A battery with a capacity of 93.3 kilowatt-hours allows you to travel up to 600 kilometers, and the longer-range version has a rated range of more than a thousand kilometers according to the Chinese NEDC cycle.

The Y crossover and S sedan are Aion’s most popular vehicles, making it into the list of China’s top 15 best-selling cars in 2023. The remaining ES and V are the sedan and compact cross, respectively.

There are also quite exotic models in the Aion line. This is, for example, a Hyper SSR with a 1224-horsepower installation, accelerating from zero to the first “hundred” in 1.9 seconds. The hypercar has already been offered to Russians, but as expected, it is in a completely different price category – from 20 million. The brand also has a Hyper GT super sedan with lambo doors and a 340-horsepower unit.

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