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If with passenger vehicles on the Russian market everything is somehow clear and quite diverse, then with freight vehicles the situation is a little different. Especially when it comes to models with good cross-country ability. In this case, the choice is mainly represented by Russian brands. Thus, the GAZ Sadko Next 2024 is offered for purchase. Visually, it looks quite simple, although it has an advantage in technical characteristics. If we talk about trim levels, then there are two choices. On the other hand, it’s impossible to call the car richly equipped, since the list of options is seriously inferior to competitors from foreign companies. If we talk about the technical “stuffing”, then it is available with a 4.4-liter engine with 149 horsepower. It comes with all-wheel drive and a manual transmission. The cost starts from 5.725 million rubles. As for competitors, Sadko Next has few of them on the Russian market, although it can be placed next to Isuzu NPS and Mitsubishi Fuso Canter.

GAZ Sadko Next 2024

The GAZ Sadko Next 2024 received a new body quite a long time ago. Nevertheless, it looks good, as can be seen from the photos presented in the article. It is not yet known whether the truck will be updated in the near future, although the company is working on introducing modern options and technologies into its vehicles, so we can expect some upgrades for this model as well. Nevertheless, Sadko Next boasts good technical characteristics, but the configurations received “modest” equipment at its rather high price.


The truck is distinguished by its brutal appearance, which immediately reveals a pronounced off-road character, especially in combination with wheels “shod” with powerful tires. Sadko Next has a high seating position, which indicates excellent maneuverability. Ahead, a rather powerful bumper with a wide radiator grille catches your eye. The headlights are also made large, but the shape is as simple as possible. In general, the cabin is decorated quite simply, but looks stylish. At the rear there is a cargo platform with high sides, which indicates its practicality.

There is no need to talk about luxury in the truck’s interior, since its presentation took place more than five years ago. On the other hand, it was originally designed with completely different characteristics. In particular, off-road parameters and practicality were a priority, which led to the presence of a standard package of options in the cabin. However, the GAZ Sadko Next 2024 received all the necessary equipment for comfortable driving. The “dashboard” is designed as standard, on which there is an analog-type instrument panel with a compact screen in the center, a neat air conditioning unit, several deflectors, etc. At the same time, there are a few buttons on the steering wheel that can be used to activate some options. The chairs are simple but comfortable.

Options and prices

It was already mentioned above that the truck is offered on the Russian market in two modifications. However, their main difference lies in the interior design, namely the availability of seats. There are differences in dimensions and prices.

4.4 MT 3 seats

This variation can be considered basic, since it costs a little less. For a truck in this version they ask from 5.725 million rubles. There is only one row of seats, which can accommodate up to three people. If we talk about equipment, then the following are available for the GAZ Sadko NEXT 2024:

halogen-filled optics; external mirrors with electric heating function; tachometer; steering wheel with adjustable position; chairs upholstered in fabric with a water-repellent effect; central locking; door cards equipped with electric windows; smoker’s “package”; armrest; ERA-GLONASS system; anti-lock braking function; Cruise control; full-size spare wheel; cabin filter.

At the same time, for an additional fee it is proposed to purchase gable wheels, a winch, a tachograph, radiator insulation with a pre-heater-heater, as well as tire pressure regulation technology.

4.4 MT 7 seats

If we talk about equipment, then there are no differences between this modification and the previous one. The same list of options is provided here. The main difference lies in the interior design, namely the appearance of a second row of seats, which provides seven-seater seating. Accordingly, the cabin has four doors instead of two. You will have to pay an additional 130 thousand rubles for all this.

Technical specifications

It is worth noting that it is the technical “filling” that is the main advantage of the GAZ Sadko NEXT 2024 over its competitors. First, the truck features all-wheel drive technology with a transfer case and cam differentials. Accordingly, its cross-country ability is at the highest level. In addition, it is adapted for Russian roads, despite its “modest” equipment. As for the power plant, it is a diesel-type unit with a volume of 4.4 liters. Power is at 149 horsepower. The transmission is a five-speed manual gearbox.

If we talk about fuel costs, the truck is relatively economical. So, for every hundred kilometers it travels, it spends about 13.6 liters of fuel. At the same time, you can’t call it fast, it reaches the first 100 km/h in just twenty seconds. On the other hand, the goals of this car are slightly different. But Sadko Next received a braking system with a pneumohydraulic control drive in combination with a vacuum booster, which makes it safe on the road. It is built on a spring suspension with rubber-metal joints at the ends and stabilizers, which implies excellent stability and maneuverability in any road conditions. As for the dimensions, the length depends on the modification. Thus, the three-seater version has 6,530 mm, and the 7-seater – 7,275 mm. But the overall width and height are 2,345 and 2,655 mm, respectively. Ground clearance is 315 mm.

Contents after purchase

For its class, Sadko Next is considered a completely economical option. Fuel costs depend largely on the region and driving style. As for maintenance, there is a fairly large range in price. In particular, the minimum price tag will start from thirty thousand rubles, while the maximum can reach one hundred thousand rubles. It all depends on the type of work and mileage. It is also worth remembering the cost of components and other technical fluids. As for the transport tax, it has an accessible range. In general, you should expect an amount of five to six thousand rubles.


It’s worth saying right away that the truck has not been tested for compliance with European safety standards. On the other hand, it has been on the market for quite a long time, so there is already a sufficient basis regarding its behavior on the road. In general, even with its “modest” equipment, the car provides a good level of protection. This is largely due to its design features. This is a pretty tough truck with strong brakes and a sturdy body. Separately, it is worth noting the slightly elongated cabin, which acts as additional protection in the event of a frontal collision. And the car itself boasts good stability on the road, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties with driving, despite the lack of modern electronic assistants.

Off-road performance

Sadko Next has excellent cross-country ability, since its arsenal includes not only high ground clearance and powerful wheels, but also the presence of a spring suspension with brakes, supplemented by a pneumohydraulic drive. The truck is not only suitable for driving on flat roads. In particular, it is able to cope with quite serious off-road conditions. Of course, this also requires appropriate driver skills. However, the truck can travel almost everywhere, but within reasonable limits. At the same time, the suspension has settings that soften most bumps and obstacles on the road. As for the city, there may be some difficulties with its dimensions. At the very least, there may be problems finding parking spaces and driving through narrow streets.

Start of sales

GAZ Sadko Next was presented more than five years ago. Its sales began in 2019. Moreover, since that time the car has not been updated even once, although prices have changed several times. Morally, the truck is already outdated, although it is quite suitable for use. As for its updates, company representatives have not yet commented on this matter. On the other hand, work is currently underway at the plant to improve the production process and introduce modern options, so we can assume that at least technically the truck can be slightly updated. True, this will not happen until some passenger cars are improved.


It was already mentioned above that GAZ Sadko Next has few competitors in the Russian market. Overall, it can be placed next to the Isuzu NPS and Mitsubishi Fuso Canter. At the same time, it is in many ways inferior to them in terms of equipment. On the other hand, its advantage is that it is adapted to local realities, and also has excellent off-road characteristics, for which it is valued by its compatriots.



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