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25 years ago, at the GAZ stand at the Moscow Motor Show, we first saw this miracle of technology: a promising SUV called Ataman 2, also known by the factory index GAZ-3106. It never received a full name of its own, because it always remained a concept. But the authors of the PrivetTachka channel came to the GAZ museum to touch this forgotten but surviving car. And it turned out that Ataman contained a huge number of solutions that are modern even by today’s standards.

Over time, it changed and turned into the second-generation 3106 model. In this form, the SUV was closest to serial production and could have become a serious alternative to the UAZ Patriot: it had all-wheel drive with a locking center differential, and a low gear. And the price was at the level of the UAZ. But GAZ made a conscious decision not to produce this car. There were many objective reasons for this, and the new video will also talk about this. At the same time, we will look inside the Ataman and dream about what an alternative Russian auto industry could have been like in those years.

By the way, last time we talked about the smallest Volga, which everyone also forgot about. Watch the video about the only prototype of the GAZ-3115 class D right here.

And this Volga, albeit in a small series, but went. This is a rare GAZ, challenging Mercedes under the index 3111 – the last working attempt of the Nizhny Novgorod residents to make an original prestigious sedan. /m

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