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At the end of last year, sales of the updated version of the Geely Coolray 2024 began on the Russian market. An interesting fact is that the pre-restyling version of the crossover is still available in local car dealerships. Of course, for the price it looks more attractive, although the improved version is interesting due to its sportier design and expanded options. This review will consider the restyled modification of the model, available in three main trim levels at a cost of 2.609 to 2.919 million rubles. A crossover with a turbocharged engine producing 147 hp is offered. in combination with front-wheel drive and a robotic gearbox. In terms of competition, it can be compared to the Hyundai Creta, KIA Seltos, Haval Jolion and the recently imported Belgee X50. The latter, by the way, is essentially a converted version of the model from Gili.

Geely Coolray 2024

Last year, the Geely Coolray 2024 went on sale in Russia in a new body, having received some adjustments in technical specifications and trim levels. The model and price have changed accordingly. As for the design of the crossover, you can get to know it better from the photos presented in the article.


In the updated version of Geely Coolray, the appearance has become more “aggressive”, which also has sporty notes. The most changes are proposed in the design of the front part. The radiator grille is made in X-style, distinguished by mesh filling. The optics also received adjustments. On the sides there are quite large air intakes, which precisely give the appearance of “aggression”. Against the backdrop of many changes in the design of the front bumper, the stern looks much simpler, although the massive spoiler looks interesting, as does the through-type canopy.

The updates weren’t limited to the exterior. There is also a lot of interesting things in the cabin. The center console has been seriously transformed. A new touchscreen is now installed here, represented by two screens under a common glass. The first is the instrument panel, and the second is the infotainment system. The deflectors of the air conditioning system are designed in a different style, as are the control keys. If we talk about comfort, then there are no special changes. The seats can be customized, and the finishing is made of high-quality materials.

Options and prices

As mentioned above, on the Russian market Geely Coolray 2024 is now available in two variations – pre-restyling and updated. If we take the first option, then four configurations are offered, the prices of which vary from 2.344 to 2.754 million rubles. The new modification of the crossover has one less version. However, this did not affect the level of equipment. The restyled variation of the model, which, by the way, is a little more expensive, will be considered in more detail.


Despite this name, this is a basic modification, which is available at a price starting from 2.609 million rubles. Particular emphasis in this case is placed on comfort. It is worth noting that the car, having a relatively affordable price tag, offers a good list of options. So, the crossover is equipped with:

17-inch aluminum wheels; disc brakes with ventilation function in front; optics with LED filling; fog lights; light sensor; side mirrors with signal indicator repeaters, electric drive and heating; rear window with heating and wiper; roof rails; engine activation keys; multifunction steering wheel with leather trim and height adjustment; central lock; seat heating; remote control key; heating washer nozzles; front airbags; ERA-GLONASS; Isofix child seat anchors; “walk me home” functions; tire pressure monitoring sensor; several control and protection assistance systems; climate control; rear view cameras; multimedia; on-board computer; alarms; immobilizer


This is the second and also pre-top variation of the crossover, which offers a little more options, although there are not many of them. As for the differences, they start with the exterior. Thus, the Geely Coolrey is equipped with larger rims – 18 inches. In addition, the rear lights also receive LED “stuffing”, just like the front ones. As for equipment, there is a panoramic sunroof on the roof, and a large spoiler at the stern. And the last thing that deserves attention is keyless entry. For all this you will have to pay 2.719 million rubles.


This is the top variation of the Geely Coolray 2024, for which dealers are asking from 2.919 million rubles. This is the most complete option, where comfort is combined with safety. If we talk about equipment, here we additionally offer:

Rain sensor; power tailgate; pedals with metal pads; rear dividing armrest; QI wireless charger; electric drive for the driver’s seat; adaptive cruise control; high beam control technology; blind spot monitoring system; road sign identification module; “smart” parking assistant; cameras on the sides and in front; red brake calipers; atmospheric interior lighting.

Technical specifications

The main innovation of the restyled version of the Geely Coolray 2024 is the appearance of a new engine. We are talking about a four-cylinder turbocharged engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters. At the same time, in terms of performance indicators, it is inferior to the pre-restyling modification by 3 hp. To be more precise, it provides an output of 147 horsepower versus 150 “horses” of the previous version. But the traction torque has become greater – 279 N*m versus the previous 265 N*m. At the same time, in China, the crossover is equipped with a 181 hp engine. As for other characteristics, there are also changes here. The speed at maximum values ​​became higher – 195 km/h. For comparison, previously this value did not exceed 190 km/h. True, it now accelerates to 100 km/h a little slower – 8.1 seconds versus the previous 7.9 seconds. Fuel consumption averages 7.2 liters per hundred kilometers.

The crossover was built on a platform standard for this class. There is an independent suspension at the front, while at the rear it is semi-independent. Regardless of the version, the Geely Coolray is available with a front-wheel drive system and a seven-speed robotic gearbox. There are several driving modes available for it. In terms of dimensions, it belongs to the compact class. Thus, the length of the car does not exceed 4,380 mm, and the width and height are 1,810 and 1,615 mm. The distance between the axles does not exceed 2,600 mm. As you can see, this is a quite comfortable crossover for the city. Ground clearance is 180 mm, and the trunk has a volume of 330 liters.

Contents after purchase

It is worth noting that with a price tag of less than three million rubles, Gili Coolrey can boast of quite affordable service. Moreover, in the three years that it has been on the market, it has already adapted to local realities, and car enthusiasts understand what to expect from it. You will have to pay a little more than five thousand rubles for transport tax. You won’t have to break the bank with a technical inspection either. In annual terms, you will have to pay for it in the range of 20-30 thousand rubles, depending on the type of work and the intensity of its operation. A similar situation arises with gas stations. However, you should prepare to spend more than sixty thousand rubles on fuel per year.


As for the safety of the Geely Coolray, a fairly high level is presented here. True, this applies more to the top version, which provides an expanded package of assistants and protection systems. However, even in the basic version, the crossover has anti-lock braking function and brake distribution, as well as a lane control module. At the same time, in the most fully equipped version, it receives adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition technology and much more. For ease of parking, an assistance system and cameras are provided. In addition, the crossover received airbags. Overall, this is a quite reliable and well-equipped car. It passed crash tests in accordance with Chinese standards, where it received the highest score. Accordingly, we can say that similar estimates may be obtained when testing within the framework of European standards.

Off-road performance

The crossover has high ground clearance, so it copes well with certain obstacles. In particular, a country road will definitely not be a problem for him. True, there is no need to talk about off-road conditions in relation to it, since the presence of exclusively front-wheel drive and a robotic gearbox speaks for itself. But in the city, Geely Coolray demonstrates good maneuverability and excellent handling. The car’s dynamics are also quite good.

Start of sales

In this version, the crossover appeared on the Russian market last fall. Moreover, from 2020 to the present day, it is available in a pre-restyling variation, offering a choice of both trim levels and price. True, there is a significant difference in design. The new version looks much more interesting.


As for competitors, there are no special innovations here. Geely Coolray enters the mass segment, which by default implies a large number of competitors. However, in terms of its characteristics and equipment it is still closer to:

The latter, by the way, is a redesigned version of the Coolrey, having similarities with it both in design and in the available list of options, although it costs a little less.



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