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The Autoreview publication assessed the unofficial sales of the flagship of the Chinese brand and listed the difficulties that buyers may encounter. Sales statistics for 2023 indicate that in Russia the share of “gray” Geely Monjaro in total model sales exceeds 50 percent! It turned out that price is not the only argument in favor of a “parallel” crossover.

The benefit when buying a Geely Monjaro from unofficial sellers is from 1.0 to 1.5 million rubles, but you will have to come to terms with the lack of a manufacturer’s warranty, forget about “free” recall campaigns and spend money on Russification. According to Autoreview, the new firmware will cost 40-60 thousand rubles. If you’re lucky, after changing the software, Chinese Monjaro will become “smarter” than the official version: a voice assistant in Russian will appear!

Most Chinese Geely Monjaro only have heated front seats, while dealer crossovers can boast a heated windshield, windshield washer nozzles, heated rear sofa and steering wheel. However, colleagues did not find any other important differences: the technology of official and “parallel” crossovers is the same, under the hood is a Volvo turbo engine, traction is transmitted through an 8-speed Aisin automatic transmission, and there is all-wheel drive with a BorgWarner clutch.

No major reliability problems have been identified with the Geely Monjaro, so significant savings on the purchase seem justified. The statistics speak for themselves: the most expensive crossover has become Geely’s Russian bestseller, but out of 20.4 thousand cars sold last year, only 9.8 thousand were imported through official channels.

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