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In China, a preliminary price list for the Galaxy E5 has been published: the model that was the first to receive lithium-iron-phosphate cells with a resource of more than one million kilometers. The new product costs from 123,000 to 157,000 yuan (17-21.6 thousand $). Thus, the electric car is no more expensive than a similar Geely Atlas (Boyue L), which is sold for 115,700 – 170,700 yuan (16-23.5 thousand $).

Geely Galaxy’s new sub-brand sedan and crossover unveiled

Geely Galaxy E5 debuted two months ago, and this model was initially designed as a “global” one. It is based on the GEA platform, which can be considered a variation of the SEA “trolley” from the Zeekr electric cars. The length/width/height of the “five” are 4615/1901/1670 millimeters, respectively.

Geely Geely Geely Geely Geely Geely Geely

The Galaxy E5 is similar in size to the new-generation Geely Atlas, but the interior is completely different. There are unique options: a front seat with an ottoman and massage, a glowing front bumper mask, a projection screen with augmented reality.

So far, only single-drive versions with one electric motor with a capacity of 218 horsepower are available. But there are two batteries: 49.5 or 60.2 kilowatt-hours. The power reserve is from 440 to 530 kilometers (CLTC), but what is more important is that the cells are advertised as very durable and safe!

The Geely Atlas Cool crossover, expected in Russia, has been updated and has become cheaper

It is already clear that the Geely Galaxy E5 will cost comparable to the Atlas petrol crossover, which is comparable in terms of equipment and size. The final prices will be announced in August before the start of deliveries, but the starting price of 123 thousand yuan (17 thousand dollars) for a 4.6-meter modern electric car is a serious claim.

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