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The Genesis G70 sedan has received a new modification, Track Taxi Nordschleife, which, as the name implies, is designed for fast driving along the Nordschleife highway in racing taxi mode. The basis was a standard sedan after restyling, which received minimal modifications for fast driving in extreme mode. The program was officially launched on June 18, and for track guests, a trip around the iconic circuit as a passenger in a racing taxi will be available from July 6.

In collaboration with HMETC in Rüsselsheim, which serves as the development center for European Genesis vehicles, the G70’s suspension and shock absorbers have been improved. To ensure better cooling of the brakes, additional channels were also installed to supply air from the front bumper to the front wheel arches.

The updated Genesis G70 received a 300-horsepower engine

Additional heat shields on the transmission oil cooler lines prevent transmission overheating in racetrack conditions. The tires used are Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

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The sedan is painted in bright orange Magma color in the style of the Magma sub-brand for “charged” cars. Technically, the sedan has not changed, retaining the 3.3-liter V6 petrol turbo engine with 373 horsepower and 510 Nm, which is combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission and rear or all-wheel drive.

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