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Crossovers have always been in great demand in Russia, although this statement is also relevant for other countries. At the same time, not all models in the SUV segment can boast of a sporty appearance, which is appreciated by young people. Relatively recently, such a car appeared at Russian dealers. Gili Tugela 2024 boasts a modern design, good driving characteristics and a large selection of options. It is available in three trim levels at prices ranging from 3.959 to 4.389 million rubles. A cross with a two-liter engine combined with all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission is proposed. If we talk about competition, then you can compare it with Haval F7x, BMW X4 and Renault Arkana. The last two models, however, are no longer officially sold in Russia, but they can be found in some car dealerships.

Gili Tugela 2024

The Gili Tugela 2024 received a new body relatively recently, so it looks quite stylish and modern, as can be seen from the photos presented in the article. As mentioned above, the model is offered in Russia in three trim levels, the prices of which are at a very reasonable level. The cross has good technical and driving characteristics.


Gili Tugela has a coupe-style body, which gives its appearance a dynamic look. At the same time, some “aggressiveness” can be seen in the design of the front bumper. This is clearly visible in the rough lines of the air intakes, where a pronounced angularity is visible. At the same time, the radiator grille and headlights are made simply but interestingly. There are several stamping lines on the hood and door panels with wheel arches, emphasizing its sporty style. At the same time, the rear bumper is made massive, but the design looks a little simpler than the front. Overall, this is a very stylish and youthful crossover that allows you to stand out in the crowd.

The Tugela interior also looks modern. The center console looks “rich” due to two fairly large touch-type displays located in separate niches. The first is the instrument panel, and the second is the infotainment system. There are several keys on the steering wheel spokes that can be used to control the built-in options. The chairs have a comfortable fit and high-quality finishing, which provides additional comfort. The transmission tunnel is made compact, while receiving a completely standard design. In general, the interior boasts good ergonomics.

Options and prices

At the start of sales, the Geely Tugella 2024 was available in only one modification, but later two more appeared, which made the choice of options much more interesting. Last summer, the engine offer for the model was expanded. Having the same volume, it is characterized by a lower power rating. Accordingly, the cost in this case is slightly lower. It is worth noting that the price difference for all trim levels is small.


In the case of the Geely Tugella, it looks quite unusual that the basic modification is called Luxury, which implies the presence of a large number of comfort options. Previously, the car in this version was offered with a more powerful engine of 238 horsepower, but now it is available exclusively with a 200-horsepower version. The price starts from 3.959 million rubles. In general, the name is fully justified by the presence of appropriate options. Available for crossover:

19-inch aluminum wheels; ventilated disc brakes in front; electronic parking brake; optics and running lights with LED filling; rear fog lights; light and rain sensors; additional brake light; side mirrors with electric drive and heating, as well as with signal indicator repeaters; power tailgate; thermal insulation glazing and heated rear window; sunroof with adjustment function; roof rails; multifunction steering wheel with leather trim; armrests front and rear; central locking; infotainment complex; remote control key; electric windows all around; dashboard; keyless entry; climate control with two-zone control; cameras throughout the body; eight speakers of a high-quality audio system; on-board computer; immobilizer; signaling.

In addition, the crossover has an extended safety package. It includes the Walk Me Home function, tire pressure monitoring, front and rear parking sensors, hill start assist, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control technology, airbags and much more. For an additional fee, you can get a number of options, which include a “smoker’s package”, metallic color for the body, etc.


This version of the crossover has two power plant options – 200 and 238 horsepower. However, the price difference is small. For an option with a less powerful engine you will have to pay 4.189 million rubles, while for a more powerful one you will need an additional payment of one hundred thousand rubles. As for equipment, the following are available here:

wheel rims are twenty inches larger in diameter; automatic adjustment of side mirrors when reversing; trunk door with contactless opening; projection screen; combined interior trim; door sill trims; front seats with lumbar support; QI wireless charger; adaptive cruise control; high beam control system; road sign identification technology; audio system with 12 speakers.

Flagship Sport

The crossover in this version is offered exclusively with a 238-horsepower engine. It costs 4.389 million rubles, which is not much compared to the previous variation. In general, there is an explanation for this. There are no particular differences from the average modification, except that the car can already be purchased in a two-tone body and with additional decorative accessories in the interior.

Technical specifications

In technical terms, the Geely Tugella 2024 has no special innovations. It is built on the CMA architecture, which is also used for models from Volvo. The car has MacPherson struts at the front, and a multi-link design at the rear. Each has anti-roll bars. The engine range includes a two-liter turbocharged engine with four cylinders. It has two performance options – 200 and 238 horsepower. At the same time, the traction moment in both cases has the same indicator – 350 N*m. As for fuel, AI-95 gasoline is recommended for cross-country racing. Fuel consumption can hardly be called economical. For every hundred kilometers traveled, it consumes an average of 8.1 liters. But the acceleration to 100 km/h is pleasing. It takes him about 6.9 seconds to do this. Accordingly, there will be no particular difficulties with the overtaking maneuver. Although with a 200-horsepower engine this figure is slightly longer – 7.4 seconds. The transmission is an eight-speed automatic.

It is worth noting that the crossover has dimensions that are quite comfortable for the city. The length is 4,605 ​​mm, the width is 1,878 mm, and the height is 1,643 mm. The distance between the axles is 2,700 mm. There will definitely be no problems maneuvering on the streets or in traffic jams by car. At the same time, it received a fairly high ground clearance – 204 mm. This significantly expands its capabilities, especially with an all-wheel drive system. With seating for five and a coupe-style body, the Tugela boasts ample luggage space. Its volume is 446 liters. However, it can be increased by folding the rear seats.

Contents after purchase

In accordance with the fact that among its competitors there is a model from BMW, we can assume a corresponding level of costs in terms of maintenance. In fact, Gili Tugela 2024 is much cheaper, although it cannot be called budget. Firstly, he is recommended to use rather expensive gasoline – AI-95. On average, you can expect to refuel a car in the range of 95-96 thousand rubles and more per year. It all depends on your driving style and the intensity of your trips. If we talk about transport tax, then for the most powerful engine it will be about 17-18 thousand rubles. On average, maintenance will require 35-40 thousand rubles per year. It is worth remembering that the crossover is available with a warranty of five years or 150 thousand kilometers.


If we talk about protection, the car shows excellent performance. Its arsenal includes many modern control assistance systems, as well as a package of airbags. True, some of them are available exclusively for the two older modifications. However, the basic version cannot be considered completely unprotected either. The model’s arsenal includes an anti-lock braking system, braking force distribution technology, an assistant when starting uphill or downhill, ERA-GLONASS, mounts for child seats and much more. Geely Tugella was tested for safety in China, where it received a high score. Safety standards for this country are much simpler than in Europe. However, these indicators can be taken as a basis based on the list of available vehicle equipment.

Off-road performance

In the city, the crossover feels great, demonstrating excellent dynamics and good handling. Moreover, it has ideal dimensions for maneuvering along the streets of a metropolis. If we talk about off-roading, then you should be careful here. Despite the fact that the car has all-wheel drive and high ground clearance, it is still a crossover designed for city driving. However, it can handle country roads easily, although you should be more careful with the transmission, controlling the loads.

Start of sales

The updated version of the crossover appeared on the Russian market in the fall of 2022, but only in one configuration. Additional modifications and choices in powertrains were offered last summer.


As for competitors, the BMW X4, Renault Arkana and Haval F7x are closest to it. If the latter is officially on sale and available at any dealership, then there are difficulties with the first two. They are imported under the parallel import program, so they cannot be found everywhere.



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