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Among the wealthy customers who are ready to buy expensive cars, there are many who buy left-hand drive cars for use in countries where right-hand drive models are considered normal. And vice versa. It is for this audience that the company Global Conversions has launched the production of cars with the steering wheel moved to the glove compartment – for example, the Cadillac Escalade SUV, which has never existed in a right-hand drive version.

The specialists from the United Arab Emirates specialize in moving the steering wheel to the right side of models that do not have this design from the factory. To do this, the company develops a new steering wheel and changes the front panel.

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The full-time IT specialists even develop new software for a number of electronic systems taking into account the different steering wheel arrangement. Global Conversions also manufactures the necessary interior elements in-house. The studio demonstrated its potential using the example of the 2023 Cadillac Escalade ESV Sport Platinum with a 420-horsepower 6.2-liter V8.

Global Conversions Global Conversions

Technically, the car remains completely standard and does not stand out visually in any way, and all the changes are noticeable only in the interior. The cost of the conversion is not reported, but it directly depends on the original model. The SUV shown in the photos with right-hand drive in the UK will cost $ 198,985 – almost twice as much as the stock version in the US. By the way, among other things, even the GMC Hummer EV is ready to be made right-hand drive in the UAE.

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