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The Research Automotive and Automotive Institute came under new sanctions on June 13, according to the British government’s website. FSUE NAMI, a developer and manufacturer of luxury cars of the Russian brand, found itself under US sanctions last winter.

Interestingly, Aurus itself is not on the British sanctions list. In addition to NAMI, it includes the Russian KamAZ, which was included in the list back in May 2022.

Earlier this year, Aurus, which produces executive cars, including for top officials, found itself under US sanctions. At the end of February, the US Department of the Treasury published an expanded version of the document.

Section of the British sanctions list relating to FSUE NAMI

It included five automobile industry enterprises, four of which are associated with Aurus: Aurus LLC, FSUE NAMI, Alabuga Development LLC and SEZ PPT Alabuga JSC. In addition, the list included AvtoVAZ’s subsidiary Lada Auto Holding LLC.

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In May, Aurus updated the Senat limousine. The front and rear parts of the car were retouched, the radiator grille was redesigned, the hood was replaced with a lighter one, and adaptive matrix headlights were added.

At the same time, Auruses continue to arrive as gifts in the garages of heads of friendly states. The brand is also exploring new markets: sales prospects have been reported, for example, in China and Libya.

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