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The Chinese concern reported a new milestone in production: in four years and ten months, the Pao/Poer line has exceeded the landmark mark of 600,000 units. The symbolic anniversary was celebrated by releasing the flagship Shanhai Poer truck in an off-road version in the signature golden color. The entire Poer family is assembled at a plant in the city of Jingmen, next to the premium Tank SUVs and frame Havals.

It is not stated directly, but it seems that the anniversary Great Wall Poer was the newest hybrid Shanhai with the Hi4-T system from Tank 500, that is, the most expensive and technologically advanced pickup of the concern. However, other trucks “make money”: the more utilitarian King Kong and working versions without a proper name.

Great Wall Poer KingKong: test of a giant Chinese pickup at the price of a crossover Great Wall added a new turbodiesel from Haval H9 to the Poer pickup Great Wall Poer: this is what a pickup is for!

Great Wall is the first manufacturer of light-duty pickups to reach the 600,000 mark. The record-breaking numbers are the result of large investments: six billion yuan ($825 million) were invested in the same plant in Jingmen two years ago. GWM now occupies almost half of the light-duty pickup market in China, having sold 92,000 vehicles of this class in six months and sent another 24,000 trucks abroad.

In part, the growth of Great Wall sales is facilitated by the easing of legislation: more than 90% of Chinese prefectures have abandoned restrictions for pickups, whereas previously they were prohibited from entering the city center. By the way, in the Celestial Empire, the Great Wall Poer, familiar to Russians, was updated a year ago, but here they still sell the “old” version.

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