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The Spanish company Hispano Suiza Cars presented a new model. The new product has become another modification of the basic Carmen hypercar – the Carmen Boulogne and Sagrera versions in 2024 were supplemented by a special version dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the original brand. A special feature of the new product is a more capacious battery and a developed aerodynamic body kit. For the presentation, the Sagrera was painted Cava Gold – a matte finish that changes color depending on the lighting.

The main feature of the new product is a battery with a capacity of 103 kilowatt-hours, which increases the power reserve. As noted by the technical director of the brand, Juan Fernandez, it is completely developed and produced at the Hispano Suiza plant in Barcelona. The battery is improved in all key aspects by using new, state-of-the-art lithium-ion cell packs – it has 15 modules of 24 cells each – for a total of 360. The battery weighs just 612 kilograms and can operate at over 750 volts DC.

Hispano Suiza announced an updated electric hypercar

All this increased the range by about 100 kilometers – up to 480 on the WLTP cycle. In addition to the new elements, the Carmen Sagrera is equipped with an improved cooling system that is lighter, simpler and more environmentally friendly. The power plant with four electric motors from Carmen Boulogne remains unchanged – the electric car has 1,110 horsepower and 1,620 Newton-meters of torque.

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The main difference of the new product was the design, made in the style of the classic Hispano Suiza Alfonso XIII of the early 20th century. The car received new deflectors in the front part of the body, sills and a large rear wing resembling the wings of a stork – as a tribute to the brand logo. It is stated that these innovations increase downforce and improve traction. The interior features an updated center console, advanced multimedia and Alcantara trim with black and red leather details.

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