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Over the past two years of sanctions and restrictions, the Russian market has seen an influx of spare parts and consumables from various sources, providing a wide range of options. Although their availability satisfies a wide range of tastes and budgets, for those who prefer to save money at the expense of quality, there is a hidden danger, especially with Chinese components in the lowest price segment.

The Avtovzglyad portal recently gave a specific example regarding oil filters. The price difference between the cheapest Chinese oil filter (costing 110 rubles) and the original Mitsubishi filter (costing 550 rubles) is staggering – five times. Although this is a seemingly common and minor detail, the choice between the two filters becomes critical when considering the potential consequences.

In cold weather, especially severe frosts, the shortcomings of low-quality parts become obvious. The pressure of thick, cold oil on a low-quality Chinese oil filter can lead to catastrophic failure. In the worst case, the engine will jam, requiring expensive repairs, the cost of which can start from 120,000 rubles (photo:

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