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In the petty crime industry, scammers are constantly inventing new tactics to defraud unsuspecting victims. The last scheme involves placing a rag (usually a T-shirt or similar textile) around the car’s rearview mirror. While it may seem like a harmless prank at first glance, experts are revealing the sinister intentions behind this seemingly harmless act.

The tightly rolled rag is not just a joke among teenagers, but a calculated move by adults with evil intentions. Criminals watch the car, waiting for the driver’s reaction when they spot the rag. The general instinct would be to start the engine and stop the “childish prank”. However, this action plays directly into the hands of scammers.

Fraudsters aim to distract the driver by inducing him to get out of the car, leaving behind valuables such as a bag with a phone, documents and a wallet. While the driver is busy unraveling the rag, the scammers take advantage of the opportunity to steal. Instead of immediately solving the situation, it is recommended to calmly get into the car, start the engine and drive a short distance from the parking spot (photo:

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