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Advanced robotics technologies are increasingly being introduced into the automotive industry. Mercedes-Benz is conducting a bold experiment, attracting unique humanoid robots from the American company Apptronik to one of its factories in Hungary.

Standing approximately 170 cm tall and weighing 73 kg, these high-tech assistants are capable of performing tasks that require significant physical effort. They can lift loads of up to 25 kg, delivering components to assembly lines and monitoring the quality of finished products. According to Mercedes production director Jörg Burzer, robots are designed to take on the heavy, repetitive work that is increasingly difficult for human workers to cope with. At the same time, they will not be able to completely replace human staff – highly qualified specialists will still be needed to assemble complex premium cars.

The use of humanoid robots in production opens up broad prospects for automation without large-scale reconstruction of factories, since these machines are able to move in space intended for people. The successful experience of Mercedes-Benz can become a starting point for wider use of such solutions in the automotive industry. (photo: Mercedes-Benz)

Earlier it became known that the head of Mercedes-Benz called on the European Union to abandon the idea of ​​​​introducing protective duties against Chinese automakers. Why he took such a step can be found in our separate article.

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