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Serial production of the premium hydrogen car is planned to begin by 2029, writes Prime with reference to Denis Endachev, executive director for information and intelligent systems at FSUE NAMI. Before that, over the next five years, the institute will develop a network of filling stations for such cars. They will try to keep the price at the level of the fuel Senat.

The hydrogen car combines all the advantages of an electric car, Yendachev noted. At the same time, it is devoid of its weak points: refueling takes less than one minute, and low temperatures do not affect the power reserve. The mileage of such an Aurus with a fully filled tank will exceed 800 kilometers.

Currently, the hydrogen-powered Senat is undergoing tests in extreme temperature conditions – minus 45 degrees and plus 45 degrees. The sedan is also being tested in mountainous terrain. The new product is planned to be released to the market in 2029, and in the meantime, a network of hydrogen filling stations will be created. They will appear in megacities and on federal highways.

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The cost of a hydrogen car should be comparable to its fuel analogue. Currently, the petrol Aurus Senat is estimated at a minimum of 46.8 million rubles on the website of the official dealer “Avilon”.

In April, NAMI announced that it had created the most powerful hydrogen car in the world. NAMI Hydrogen, based on the Aurus Senat, was equipped with a three-motor power plant producing more than 1,000 horsepower. According to the developers, the car accelerates to “hundreds” in less than four seconds. What the characteristics of the “commercial” version will be is still unknown.

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