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### Honda CR-V e:FCEV Crossover [снабдили]( plug-in hydrogen power plant. To accommodate the cylinders, which store 4.3 kilograms of hydrogen, the rigidity of the rear part of the body has been increased, and the suspension has been recalibrated. The installation includes a fuel cell unit with 125 horsepower, created with the help of General Motors, an electric motor (176 horsepower, 311 Nm) and a battery with a capacity of 17.7 kilowatt-hours.
Honda With a fully charged battery, the car will travel 47 kilometers according to the EPA standard (60 kilometers according to WLTP), and the total range will reach 435 and 600 kilometers, respectively. Front-wheel drive, but there is a special mode for driving on snow.
Honda The package will include a virtual dashboard, a multimedia system with a nine-inch display and demonstration of gas stations nearby, a wireless charger for gadgets, Bose acoustics with 12 speakers, electrically powered and heated front seats, a dual-zone climate control system, a servo tailgate and eco-leather in the interior trim.
Honda There are also innovations in appearance: all body parts up to the A-pillars have been replaced, and the rear part is designed differently. The 18-inch wheels also received an exclusive design. Sales will begin in the summer in the US and Japan. In the States, the new product will be offered exclusively for leasing and only in California, where at least some infrastructure is provided for hydrogen vehicles.
Honda ### Pininfarina Enigma GT Atelier [представило]( its new grand tourer at the Geneva Motor Show. The concept has a 2+2 seating arrangement, and a lift-up canopy for access inside serves as a reference to the legendary cars of the past.
Pininfarina The chassis and body parts are made of carbon fiber. The rear wheels are driven by a 2.5-liter 442-horsepower hydrogen-powered turbo-six, while the front wheels are driven by an electric motor with a peak power of 272 horsepower.
Pininfarina A supply of nine kilograms of hydrogen will allow you to travel over 700 kilometers at an average speed of about “hundreds”. Acceleration to one hundred will take less than four seconds, and the “maximum speed” was electronically limited to 250 kilometers per hour.
Pininfarina The drag coefficient is only 0.24 thanks to moving parts. In the cabin there is a full-width display, a screen for adjusting the microclimate and a steering wheel with touch-sensitive keys. There is no talk of mass production.
Pininfarina ### NamX HUV French startup [представил]( the final version of its crossover, developed jointly with Pininfarina.
NamX The new product will be equipped with a hydrogen internal combustion engine: this is a 6.2-liter V8 from Solution F, a subsidiary of the GCK industrial group. Sales will begin next year, the minimum cost will be 65 thousand euros.
NamX A basic rear-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle with 300 horsepower will accelerate to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and reach 200 kilometers per hour. The all-wheel drive 550-horsepower HUV GTH will accelerate to “hundreds” in 4.5 seconds and reach 250 kilometers per hour.
NamX Estimated range – up to 800 kilometers. Removable capsule cylinders will be refilled at special stations, and only then they will be delivered to points of sale so that owners can exchange empty cylinders for full ones.
NamX ### Revo Zero Energy Brand from American Virginia is already [принимает]( orders with a deposit of $500 for a large SUV with a three-row interior, while the company’s first creation is demonstrated exclusively in renderings.
Revo Zero Corporation The hydrogen car has sliding doors, and wood and carbon fiber are used for interior decoration. A large vertical display is installed in the center of the front panel. A virtual “tidy” is also provided.
Revo Zero Corporation The hydrogen-electric power plant was called pFC (plug-in Fuel Cell). Recharging from a third-party source and generating electricity on board from hydrogen are possible: an electrochemical generator will help with this.
Revo Zero Corporation There are two cylinders located in the front axle area, four more are located at the rear, and the generator is located in front under the hood.
Revo Zero Corporation ### GAC Era Chinese company [представила]( at an exhibition in Guangzhou, a concept that could travel up to 800 kilometers without refueling. Stylists from the Advanced Design studio worked on the appearance of the 5.4-meter model.
GAC The panel on the front panel combined narrow lighting equipment with sensors and cameras, frameless hinged doors received “recessed” handles, and the car also had a “chopped off” rear. Individual parts are made from recycled marine plastic and algae.
GAC Eco-friendly materials are also used inside. There are no sharp corners here. A giant monitor stretches across the entire width of the front panel, and another screen is installed on the center console.
GAC The latter turns into a table: you can unfold the front seats and make the interior look like a living room. The new product was installed on hydrogen fuel cells with motors on the rear axle. In total they develop 540 horsepower.

Automotive companies are already thinking about the direction in which the development of environmentally friendly transport will go at a new stage – after traditional electric cars have already become familiar. For example, hydrogen-powered cars are appearing more and more often: several such projects have been presented in recent months. Some of them still exist only in the form of renderings or represent fantasies of the future, but two models are already preparing to hit the market. However, one cannot count on rush demand and widespread distribution: the corresponding infrastructure is still poorly developed.

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