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The Korean automaker intends to follow the path of BMW and Audi and introduce subscription options. It is not specified which options will be available via subscription, but Autocar reports that some new features can be connected remotely in older cars. It is worth noting that BMW, under public pressure, abandoned the idea of ​​paid seat heating, but retained a subscription to “software” options and some electronic assistants.

BMW was one of the first to introduce paid monthly subscriptions. For example, in 2022, prices in Russia were as follows: from 950 rubles per month for heated steering wheel, from 1600 for heated front seats, from 3500 for driving assistant Plus. The traffic camera warning system cost car owners 250 rubles per month, the BMW Drive Recorder cost 500 rubles, and the high beam control system cost 790 rubles. In the fall of 2023, BMW admitted that “users were not happy with the subscription,” so the company stopped charging regular fees for unlocking factory-installed options and focused on subscriptions to software and related products.

BMW has announced the cost of a subscription to heated seats in Russia. BMW is canceling the subscription to heated seats. Nobody liked it Hackers will help BMW owners hack a paid subscription to options Dacia ridiculed BMW’s subscription to heated seats by releasing free heating pads

Hyundai decided to adopt this experience, for which it even created a separate division, Hyundai Connected Mobility, which included the Mocean car subscription service and the Bluelink connected services system. Hyundai Connected Mobility will introduce “new digital services” and support payments, including for third-party partner applications.

However, there seems to be no talk of a monthly fee for heated seats. According to the head of Hyundai Connected Mobility, Markus Welz, what BMW offered as a subscription was an outdated use of a monthly payment system.

An example is the Bluelink system, which, in particular, allows you to synchronize a smartphone and a car, thanks to which the car owner can always find out about its condition and location. The Lite version of Bluelink will be free for the first 10 years of car ownership, for 2.99 euros per month it can be upgraded to Bluelink Plus with expanded functionality, and for 9.99 euros you can purchase a Pro plan with even more features.

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