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The Ford Mustang, which celebrated its next anniversary in 2024, may soon become a whole family of models. During the 60 years of existence of the iconic sports car, it was exclusively a coupe or convertible, but these days a sedan may well appear under a famous name. But there will definitely never be crossovers or electric vehicles – not counting the Mach-E, of course. The company is ready to make hybrids, but not fully electric options, which should probably please fans of the model.

Ford CEO Jim Farley has made several statements regarding the Mustang pony car. The top manager promised not to turn the model into something like a Porsche 911 with an insane number of modifications and promised that there would be no crossovers or SUVs under the Mustang brand, but a sedan may well appear.

Ford announced another modification of the Mustang

But provided that such a model manages to preserve the style and spirit of the Mustang. It is important to note here that in the 1960s a prototype of a four-door Mustang was already being created, and in 2022, during the premiere of the current generation of the model, Ford’s chief exterior designer Christopher Stevens showed in sketches the possible appearance of the sedan.


When it comes to powertrains, Jim Farley was uncompromising – there will never be any electric Ford Mustangs. At the same time, the transition to hybrid power plants is being considered if they can be introduced without losing the characteristic features of the model and without deteriorating its character. But the V8 gasoline engine will remain in the sports car range as long as, as the head of Ford said, “God and politics” allow it.

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