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Iran Khodro Diesel has launched a countdown for the Kurzhauber family (translated from German as “short hood”). We are talking about medium-duty trucks that debuted in Germany in 1958 under the name Mercedes-Benz L-Series. The design turned out to be successful, and similar machines were registered all over the world: in South America, Africa and the Middle East.

Due to stricter certification requirements, Mercedes-Benz Kurzhauber will be discontinued within two months. Currently, buyers can choose between dump trucks and chassis. Interestingly, the original design is practically unchanged: under the hood is an ancient OM355A diesel engine (280 horsepower, 1050 Nm) coupled with a 6-speed ZF manual transmission.

In Iran, they will add a wild body kit and previously unseen options to the old Logan. In Belarus, a Mercedes firefighter is put up for sale: it is more than 50 years old. In Iran, the Peugeot sedan, originally from the 1980s, will be returned to the assembly line.

The only improvement made by Iran Khodro Diesel since 1979 is a reduction in overall height due to the installation of shorter-stroke suspension elements. However, drivers did not like this upgrade, and old long springs are often installed on new trucks. There are no changes in the interior layout, ergonomics and cockpit: Iran produces equipment developed in the 1950s!

Iranian journalists expect that the resignation of Mercedes-Benz Kurzhauber will force Khodro Diesel to modernize, although the timing of the project has not been announced. Under sanctions, the update may take longer: for example, work on the unofficial restyling of the first generation Renault Logan lasts more than a year, and the sedan has not yet gone on sale.

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