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After Western brands left the Russian market, their new models began to reach us in a roundabout way. But these loopholes may soon be closed, so very new cars will most likely bypass us. At the Geneva Motor Show, the world premiere was celebrated by several cars that we would like to see on the roads – the stylish electric hatchback Renault 5 and the budget five-door Dacia Spring. has selected important automotive news that will not reach Russia.

Despite the increase in the number of new brands and models on the Russian market, the most important of the latest innovations will most likely bypass us – at least officially.

To a greater extent, this applies to cars of European brands, for example, the compact hatchback Renault 5. The name of the legendary small car is now borne by an electric car with a retro design, but you can forget about its appearance in Russia, since the French left the market after 2022.

We will also not see another new product from the Geneva Motor Show – the budget electric car Dacia Spring, as well as the L6 battery sedan of the Chinese brand IM – a joint venture of the SAIC concern, the Internet giant Alibaba and the authorities of the Pudong district of Shanghai.

Its entry into the European market is planned for 2025, and the brand wants to use the extensive dealer network of the Chinese-British MG, also part of the SAIC concern.

The latter has recently been present in Russia thanks to the importer InTelGo Cars. Last year, at the MIMS exhibition, the company showed two models for our market: the 2021 MG One crossover, which is close in size to the Volkswagen Tiguan, and the D-class liftback MG 7 Trophy+. According to plans, by the end of 2024 the Russian MG line will consist of 10 models, and the number of dealership centers will increase to fifty. The goal is to become one of the top 10 brands in terms of sales.

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