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The Kaliningrad Automobile Plant has lowered its plan for car production this year: instead of the initial 130 thousand units, it will assemble only 70 thousand. TASS reports this with reference to the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Anton Alikhanov. It is worth noting that the plan had previously been adjusted downwards – from 100-130 thousand to 80-100 thousand.

According to Alikhanov, Avtotor will produce “about 70 thousand cars,” but “much depends on how it establishes work with its Chinese partners.” The plant’s partners currently include BAIC, Kaiyi, SWM, Jetour and Forthing. In addition, the Kaliningrad enterprise produces cars under its own brands “Amberauto” (a brand for electric cars) and “Ambertruck”, and recently registered the name “Ambervan”.

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The announced production volume of 70 thousand cars corresponds to last year. For comparison: in previous years, production volumes were significantly higher: in 2019, 212 thousand cars rolled off the assembly line, in 2020 – 156.8 thousand, and in 2021 – 177 thousand. In 2022, when Avtotor’s former partners – BMW, Kia and Hyundai – stopped assembling their models in Kaliningrad, production volumes decreased three times compared to the previous year.

Under the terms of the special investment contract (SPIC), the holding must invest about 30 billion rubles in the development of its production and deepening localization. Since 2019, almost 11 billion rubles have already been invested, this year investments by the end of the year will amount to about seven billion.

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