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In terms of Russian currency, the number cost the new owner 150 million rubles. The “beautiful” plate was issued in Victoria, as evidenced by the vertical letters “VIC”. According to Carscoops, the cost of the registration plate is due to the fact that it is one of the first license plates in the state, as well as one of the few two-digit round numbers.

“Beautiful” license plates are legally sold in Australia. Particularly popular among collectors are plates issued more than a century ago. The presented number was one of these proposals. A total of 90 two-digit registration plates were issued in Victoria. And only nine of them received round numbers.

Number for a million The most expensive license plate is being sold in the UK – Bar8ie The most expensive license plate in the world is estimated at $24 million

1.7 million dollars (approximately 150 million rubles) is far from a record price for a license plate sold in Australia. Earlier, an auction was held in the country, during which eight million dollars were paid for the first number plate in New South Wales. The plate with the number “1” was made in 1910.

At the end of May, an old Volga was sold in Russia for ten million rubles. The price of an unremarkable car was affected by the license plate.

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