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This model was popularly nicknamed “Heel”. The ad states that the car has never been registered, although it has traveled 1,590 kilometers. The car spent almost its entire life in the garage. According to the seller, “Heel” is in fully working condition and ready for use. Today in Russia you can buy a basic Lada Granta for a similar price.

Judging by the photographs, “Heel” has been preserved almost in its original form. Other than a small dent on the rear door, there are no visible defects on the body of the van. The interior of the car is also in excellent condition. According to the seller, the one and a half liter carburetor engine with 75 horsepower also works without any complaints.

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The commercial Izh-2715, built on the basis of the Moskvich, was produced at the facilities of the Izhevsk Automobile Plant from 1972 to 2001. Over the years of production, engineers have assembled more than two million “Heels”. The owner is ready to part with what is essentially a new van for 699,000 rubles. Today, for a similar amount in Russia you can buy a Lada Granta in its basic configuration.

Last July, an unusual IZH Okhotnik pickup truck was sold in Russia. The experimental car was then valued at 750,000 rubles.

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