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Fresh data from the analytical agency Autostat show that sales of new vehicles in Russia continue to grow steadily. Experts analyze in detail the reasons for this success and give forecasts for the near future.

During the period from March 4 to March 10, 2024, Russian dealers managed to sell 37,432 units of new cars, trucks and buses. The lion’s share of this volume (85%) was occupied by passenger cars – 32,148 of them were sold. The cargo segment accounted for about 8% with 2,822 vehicles. LCVs were not far behind – 1,983 vans and pickups were distributed throughout the country. Compared to the previous week, growth was observed in all segments except buses. Passenger cars increased by 18.6%, LCVs by 12%, and trucks by as much as 29.4%. Experts attribute this success to the release of affordable models and government programs for preferential car loans.

Russians have fallen in love with domestic cars again, and this is good news. Renewing the vehicle fleet not only maintains demand for cars, but also makes the roads safer. The main thing is that the trend continues and that the quality of the car meets international standards. In this case, the Russian automobile industry has every chance to gain a strong foothold in the global market.

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