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In addition to its completely original condition and minimal mileage, the car stands out due to its rare black body color for the model. According to the seller, the “time capsule” assembled in the Soviet Union is in perfect condition, as it has never been in an accident. The technical units of the sedan are in full working order.

The black “six” spent all 33 years in the same hands. The only owner of the car drove it only 8700 kilometers, so the car spent most of its life in the garage. Judging by the photos, the body and interior of the model are in excellent condition.

The VAZ-2106 has Soviet-style documents and license plates. Judging by the region code, the car is registered in the Moscow region.

“Auto RU” “Auto RU” “Auto RU” “Auto RU” “Auto RU” “Auto RU” “Auto RU”

The sedan is powered by a 1.3-liter carburetor engine with a capacity of 69 horsepower, which is combined with a four-speed manual transmission. The maximum speed of the model is 145 kilometers per hour. The seller is ready to part with the authentic “time capsule” for 700,000 rubles.

In mid-June, a 31-year-old “six” was sold in Russia at the price of a new Lada Vesta. The seller valued the red VAZ-2106 at two million rubles.

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