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A red VAZ-21 013 model from 1985 with a mileage of only 5,570 kilometers was put up for sale. Over its almost 40-year history, the Soviet sedan has had only two owners, the last of whom recently brought the car to Russia. For what reason she spent most of her life in the garage is unknown. Judging by the photographs, the “penny” is in completely authentic condition.

There is not a single defect on the body of the bright red car, as well as on the chrome parts of the exterior. The black interior is in equally excellent condition. Apparently, the current owner recently brought the “penny” from Belarus, having received an electronic vehicle title in Russia.

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VAZ-21 013 was produced from 1977 to 1988. The “thirteenth” version was equipped with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine producing 64 horsepower. Together with the unit, a four-speed manual transmission was installed, which transmitted traction to the rear wheels.

You can buy a 40-year-old “penny” in collectible condition for a million rubles.

In September last year, a “kopek” was sold in Russia for one and a half million rubles. The rare version of the VAZ-2101 was then valued more expensive than the Lada Vesta.

“Kopeyka” is 50 years old! The history of the legendary VAZ in photographs

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