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We are talking about UAZ, Lada, Chinese Jetour and Tank. For example, SUVs from the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant have risen in price by 35-60 thousand rubles, and Lada Granta, Niva Legend and Niva Travel – by 51,100 – 71,100. The cost of Jetour Dashing, X70 Plus and X90 Plus and Tank 500 has changed due to a decrease in the size of discounts.

During the first half of May, four brands of cars went up in price in Russia, writes Auto News of the Day. But there is good news: the Geely Monjaro crossover has fallen in price by 300-500 thousand rubles, or 6.2-11 percent of the previous price. True, this only applies to cars of the 2024 model year, which received a “special benefit” (direct discount) increased by 50 thousand and prices reduced by 250-450 thousand rubles.

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, on the contrary, in early May raised prices for the entire 2024 model range. SUVs “Patriot”, “Pickup” and “Hunter”, as well as cars of the SGR (“Loaf”) family and commercial trucks “Profi” increased in price by 35-60 thousand rubles, or 2-3.6 percent. The cost of the Lada Granta family (except for the basic versions of the sedan and liftback), Niva Legend and Niva Travel, the cost of which increased by 51,100 – 71,100 rubles, or 3.5-7 percent, has been adjusted.

Due to a decrease in the size of discounts, three Jetour crossovers have increased in price: Dashing, X70 Plus and X90 Plus of 2023. Direct benefits decreased by 50 thousand rubles, or 1.4-2.3 percent. In the same way, the Tank 500 frame SUV has risen in price. Prices for it have not changed, but the direct benefit for 2023 cars in the initial Adventure configuration has decreased from 950 thousand to 250 thousand rubles.

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