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UzAuto Motors announced the end of sales of the former bestseller in the CIS markets. A batch of 4,500 copies was contracted in half an hour, with 99.9% of the sedans going to private individuals who ordered one car each. The Chevrolet Lacetti was supposed to be removed from the assembly line in January; as a result, the assembly was extended until April, but now it looks like the resignation is final.

Since the early 2000s, Chevrolet Lacetti has been produced in South Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam and a number of other countries. The “global” successor of the model is the Cruze, but in Uzbekistan the old sedan is still in demand, because the filling is proven and the price is low. In May, the manual version cost 143.6 million soums (1.04 million rubles).

In Uzbekistan, there is a rush of demand for new carburetor Chevrolets. General Motors revealed why they got rid of Saab, Pontiac and Hummer. The most popular Chevrolet model will be updated in Uzbekistan.

By the end of the production cycle, Chevrolet Lacetti buyers could only choose a gearbox: manual or classic automatic. But the equipment was fixed: air conditioning, heated front seats and windshield, electric sunroof, two airbags and ABS. Under the hood is an unpretentious 106-horsepower naturally aspirated engine with a volume of 1.5 liters.

The resignation of Lacetti coincided with the announcement of the long-awaited updated Cobalt. There are no photographs of the sedan after restyling yet, but the press service of UzAuto Motors confirmed that the exterior will partially change. The Uzbek Chevrolet Cobalt has been waiting for an upgrade for almost seven and a half years: for the first time, a sedan with a different appearance was spotted at the factory at the end of 2016, but in the end it was decided to postpone the upgrade.

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