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The Israeli company Rego demonstrated a new hybrid all-terrain vehicle in the back of a pickup truck, created specifically for the needs of special forces. This multifunctional vehicle combines high mobility, security and low visibility on the battlefield.

The Rego I prototype has undergone extensive field testing, covering more than 24 thousand kilometers. During tests, the 6-ton vehicle proved to be extremely maneuverable and reliably protect the crew. The main feature of the all-terrain vehicle is its hybrid power plant, which reduces noise and heat generation, making it less noticeable. Thanks to the modular design of the cargo compartment, Rego I can be equipped with a variety of equipment for reconnaissance, medical assistance or attacking targets. The level of armor protection is also adjusted depending on the task being performed.

According to the developers, Rego was designed taking into account an in-depth analysis of the needs of special forces. Its lightweight yet strong V-shaped frame provides excellent handling and optimal protection for the vehicle and its crew. The combination of the latest technology, adaptability and versatility makes this Israeli hybrid all-terrain vehicle a promising development for modern special operations. (photo:

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