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In August, dealers of the capital’s Moskvich plant sold 1,510 crossovers, 1,350 of which were registered, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports. For comparison, in July the brand’s sales amounted to 2,132 cars (1.7 thousand were registered), which is 40 percent more than in June. The last summer month was marked by an increase in prices for both Moskvich models: prices increased by 10.1-11.5 percent, as a result of which the recommended retail price of Moskvich 3 exceeded two million rubles, and now it costs from 2.2 million.

According to the Moskvich website, as of mid-September, Moskvich 3 costs from 2,220,000 rubles for the basic configuration with a 1.5-liter engine and manual transmission, and prices for a modification with a CVT start from 2,285,000 rubles. The most expensive crossover costs 2,478,000 rubles. The electric Moskvich 3e can be purchased for 3,950,000 rubles without discounts. These are currently the only two models of the brand that dealers have.

Soon the model line will be replenished with a third car – the Moskvich 6 liftback; its production has already started. It will be sold in three trim levels, “Standard”, “Comfort” and “Prestige”. There will also be two modifications to choose from with a 1.5-liter engine in 136-horsepower and 174-horsepower versions. In the first case, a variator is paired with the engine, in the second – a robotic gearbox.

The plant’s plans for 2024 include the launch of at least two more models: Moskvich 5 and Moskvich 6. They, like the other three listed cars of the revived domestic brand, are built on the basis of Chinese JACs.

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