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With the advent of Chinese brands, part of the audience switched to them, but there were also those who were looking for an alternative on the secondary market. According to the website, prices for Toyota Camry, Kia K5 and Hyundai Sonata have decreased since the beginning of the year, while prices for Mazda6 and Skoda Superb, on the contrary, have increased.

The 110 km website analyzed its own database of advertisements for car sales and found out how the price of three-year-old business sedans has changed. Previously, these models were popular, but now, due to sanctions, they are gradually being replaced by the “Chinese” – the same Chery Arrizo 8, Dongfeng Aelos Shine Max and Moskvich 6. However, prices for used Camry, K5, Sonata and Superb are constant dynamics, and for some positions they even recorded a decrease.

Thus, a three-year-old Toyota Camry has fallen in price by eight percent since the beginning of the year. If in January the average price of a sedan was 3.77 million rubles, then by June it dropped to 3.47 million. The cost of the Kia K5 fell even more – by as much as 15 percent, from 3.3 to 2.8 million rubles. Also, over the five months of 2024, the Hyundai Sonata fell in price, but here the drop was only five percent.

Mazda6, which were previously assembled in Vladivostok, on the contrary, have risen in price by six percent: now their average price is 3.06 million rubles. This can be explained by the discontinuation of the model, although it will still have a successor. The Skoda Superb liftback is now also more expensive – an increase of eight percent, to 2.96 million rubles.

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