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Some of the employees of Avtozavod St. Petersburg will be sent to idle time until the company switches to small-unit assembly of cars. The general director of the plant, Ivan Mironov, told TASS. Now the production of Xcite X-Cross 7 crossovers has been established there, which are assembled using the large-knot method. Many employees are left idle and have to go home.

Every month, about 200-300 people out of 1,200 are not involved in the operation of the plant, as workshops that are unnecessary for “screwdriver” production are idle. In order not to lay off people, they will be periodically sent to idle time.

It is still unknown when the enterprise will switch to small-unit assembly and use welding and painting shops. It was previously reported that localization would begin to increase in 2025, but this was at the end of 2022, when the plant planned to produce new Ladas.

Now it’s official: the cost of the Russian-assembled Xcite X-Cross 7 has been revealed. The Moskvich automobile plant has avoided bankruptcy. The United States has introduced new sanctions against the Russian automobile industry.

Currently, 317 people are idle: they will not work until the end of May.

The Nissan company first went into downtime in March 2022. In 2023, about 10 thousand cars were produced there, and in January 2024, production of Xcite was launched. So far, there is only one model in the line of the new brand – the X-Cross 7 crossover, which has already gone on sale and costs from 2.5 million rubles.

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