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According to a source close to Great Wall, the SUV is now in the process of obtaining OTTS – vehicle type approval, without which cars do not enter the Russian market. The document is expected to be received by the end of this summer. The big Tank will go on sale a little later, presumably in the fall. Most likely, sales will start in October.

The Tank 700 is longer, wider and taller than the SUV with index 500: the “seven hundredth” reaches 5.09 meters in length, 2.06 meters in width, and 1.95 in height with a three-meter wheelbase. Ground clearance – 245 millimeters minimum.

In China, the car is sold with a Hi4-T hybrid powertrain based on a three-liter V6 turbo engine. Paired with an electric motor, the internal combustion engine develops 523 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. The gearbox is a nine-speed automatic, Torque-On-Demand all-wheel drive.

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The SUV accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in less than six seconds, and the top speed is 190 kilometers per hour. On a full charge of the 37.1 kilowatt-hour battery, it can travel up to 90 kilometers. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle is about three liters per “hundred” with a charged battery.

At the same time, two versions were announced for Russia – with and without electrification. According to the passport, in addition to the hybrid system, the SUV can be equipped with a conventional three-liter V6 with 360 horsepower. Perhaps its power for the Russian market will be reduced to 300 horsepower, like the Tank 500.

At home, the Tank 700 is offered in two performance levels, costing from 428 thousand yuan (about 5.5 million rubles). For comparison: in Russia, the cost of the Tank 300 starts at 4,099,000 rubles, if you do not take into account various promotions, and the Tank 500 starts at 6,299,000 rubles.

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