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According to experts, five years of operation of the domestic electric crossover will cost car owners 3.3 million rubles, provided that the average annual mileage does not exceed 15 thousand kilometers. This was reported by specialists from the NAPI marketing agency. When calculating, analysts took into account the cost of the electric car, the cost of repairs and tire replacement, as well as taxes and OSAGO and CASCO insurance.

According to experts, each kilometer of the Evolute i-Jet will cost 43 rubles 76 kopecks. Over the course of a year, 656,400 rubles will have to be spent on servicing the electric car. Over five years, this amount will reach 3.3 million. At the same time, the cost of a battery-powered car is five million rubles.

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The Evolute i-Jet, manufactured at the Lipetsk Automobile Plant, is equipped with a 585-horsepower electric unit. With acceleration to “hundreds” in four seconds, the model’s range is about 480 kilometers. The list of options for the electric car includes a digital instrument panel, front seats with heating, massage and ventilation functions, as well as artificial leather interior trim.

At the end of June, analysts calculated the cost of owning a Zeekr 001. Over five years, about half of the cost of servicing the Chinese electric car will have to be spent.

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