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Geely’s premium electric brand has revealed details of its second crossover, the 7X, previously known under the codename CX1E and the unofficial name Ark. It will be a 4.83-meter SUV, which, judging by the product index, will be unified with the 007 sedan. Sales in China should start this year. The price, according to Car News China, will be more attractive than Tesla.

The Zeekr 7X, like the 007 sedan, is based on the PMA2+ platform, based on the SEA modular architecture. It is larger than the Tesla Model Y in all respects: the 7X is 4825 mm long, 1930 mm wide, and 1656 mm high with a wheelbase of 2925 mm.

As far as can be judged from the photos of the car in camouflage, externally it will resemble the aforementioned “four-door” with an adjustment for the form factor. The “feature” of the exterior will be the signature Zeekr Stargate front panel.

Zeekr Zeekr Zeekr

The “base” 7X will receive a Golden Brick lithium-iron-phosphate battery developed by Zeekr. Its 15-minute charge will give 500 kilometers of power reserve. More expensive options will be equipped with an NMC battery from CATL.

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As for the power plant, it will probably go to the crossover from 007. In this case, the entry-level 7X will be equipped with a 421-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle, and the alternative will be a dual-motor installation with 646 horsepower. The drive in the second case is all-wheel drive.

Chinese media also publish the price: it will fall in the range of 240,000 to 350,000 yuan (2.92-4.25 million rubles). Tesla Model Y, with which the 7X will have to compete for buyers, costs from 263,000 yuan (3.19 million) in China. In addition to it, the new product from Zeekr will compete with Li Auto L6, BYD Sea Lion 07 and others.

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