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The “restoration” kit, the cost of which was calculated by Fit Service experts, included large parts that most often suffer in accidents. According to experts, the cost of a complete set of such parts today is 199,200 rubles. The cost of the crossover, which is available only in the anniversary version 18 Years Edition, is at least 2,120,000 rubles without discounts. That is, you will have to pay about 10 percent of the price for repairs.

According to Fit Service calculations, the Tiggo 4 Pro headlight will cost an impressive 71,500 rubles. In second place in terms of cost is the windshield for 48,100, in third place is the front bumper for 19,800. The radiator grille costs 18,900 rubles, the hood – 18,000, and the rear bumper and front wing – 12,700 and 10,200 rubles, respectively.

The service also calculated the price of parts that most often have to be changed when servicing a crossover. The battery was valued at 7,500 rubles, the front brake pads at 800 rubles, the rear brake pads at 400.

Chery announced the cost of the anniversary Tiggo 4 Pro and showed an updated emblem. The cost of repairing a Lada Granta after an accident has been calculated. Top 3 Chinese cars that are expensive to repair.

Also on the list are brake discs (3,000 rubles), steering wheel end (2,200 rubles), tie rod (4,100 rubles), front (1,200 rubles) and rear (4,500 rubles) hubs. The stabilizer rod will cost 500 rubles.

At the end of May, the cheapest Chery crossover took fifth place in the list of popular passenger cars in Russia. It sold 4,256 units. There are no problems with spare parts for Tiggo 4 Pro, analysts say, but with the availability of parts for rare Chinese models, everything is not so simple. It was reported that Zeekr, FAW, BYD owners have to wait months for deliveries.

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