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The Telegram channel “Autopotok” discovered a patent in the open FIPS database that concerns Senat lighting equipment of 2024. It follows from the document that the Aurus headlights are distinguished by separate circuit boards for the turn indicator and side marker: the diodes are designed in such a way as to illuminate the common light guide. If one of the boards fails, the second will continue to work.

There is nothing like this on other executive sedans: for example, on the Audi A8 or Mercedes-Benz S-Class, headlights with a single circuit board are used, that is, in the event of a breakdown, both the turn signal and the side light stop shining. NAMI engineers essentially made a duplicate element: obviously, so that on cars from GON the turn signals and clearances would always work.

The start date for sales of the updated Aurus has been revealed. Are pre-orders open for the Russian electric motorcycle Aurus Merlon Putin’s Aurus or Xi Jingping’s Hongqi?

Part of the complex design can be explained by the fact that the less expensive single-board headlight technology is patented by Hella, which is what the German auto giants use. On the pre-reform Aurus Senat, the functions of the turn indicator and marker were performed by different elements inside the headlights, so the patent of the foreign manufacturer of parts was also not violated.

The press releases did not mention the interesting contents of the Aurus Senat headlights: NAMI limited itself to stating the fact that the matrix optics are of a new type. There are no details about technical improvements to the sedan and limousine, although they are predicted to have improved fuel and braking systems, a more efficient suspension, and a recalibrated automatic transmission.

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