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According to The Canberra Times, the pensioner violated the speed limit in her car for several days in a row at approximately the same time. Law enforcement officers were forced to confiscate the car of an Italian woman who promised to change her car to a two-wheeler.

The violator of traffic rules turned out to be Giuseppina Molinari, born in 1920. For several days in a row, the pensioner was speeding on the same streets. Another evening, the woman attracted the attention of the police, who stopped the car. During the document check, inspectors found out that Giuseppina’s driver’s license had expired and she also did not have car insurance.

As a result, the police confiscated the car and took the pensioner home. At the same time, the woman said that she was in a hurry to visit friends. One of the oldest traffic violators said that she now plans to buy a moped.

In 2022, a 94-year-old resident of China went to take his driver’s license for the first time. The pensioner passed the theoretical part of the exam without a single mistake.

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