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China has opened applications for the Hunter EV model (sold in the CIS countries under the name T9). The new product differs from the original gasoline or diesel trucks in its wheels, the design of the radiator grille, the front bumper and the absence of a fuel tank flap on the left. The technology is different: two electric motors (313 horsepower) and a traction battery with a capacity of 88 kilowatt-hours.

JAC Hunter frame pickup truck has new engines and automatic transmission

The JAC Hunter T9 EV retains the body-on-frame architecture, interior and dimensions of the original fuel model. The capacity of the cargo platform has not changed, and the ground clearance is solid – at the lowest point of 205 millimeters. “Aerodynamic” 18-inch wheels complete the picture, but the electric pickup truck is shod with road tires.

It is known that an electric motor with a capacity of 95 horsepower (176 Nm) is installed at the front, and a 218-horsepower electric motor (342 Nm) at the rear. Between the axles there is an 88.02 kilowatt-hour lithium iron phosphate battery. The power reserve is 500 kilometers using the gentle Chinese CLTC cycle. The equipment is rich: there is a media system with a 10.4-inch touchscreen, wireless charging for gadgets, navigation, climate control and other “premium” options.

JAC is preparing a frame SUV the size of Haval H9: first photos

The starting price of the electric pickup is 320 thousand yuan (44 thousand dollars). Compared to a diesel all-wheel drive version with an 8-speed automatic transmission, the overpayment is twofold, because a truck with a traditional engine can be purchased for 158 thousand yuan (22 thousand dollars). The basic JAC Hunter costs 132 thousand yuan (18 thousand dollars).

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