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The JAC EV3 hatchback was awarded 5 stars based on the results of the crash test, but not without complaints

The JAC EV3 2024 electric hatchback has been tested for durability in a crash test from C-NCAP, which is the equivalent of the European EuroNCAP in China. Based on the results of the crash test, the car was awarded 5 stars, indicating a high level of safety. However, there are some nuances. Thus, in the event of a frontal impact, the driver’s legs are in the danger zone, which can be injured. There is also a possibility of a child sitting behind the driver receiving injuries in the chest area, who, by the way, if the car hits a deformable object, risks receiving the same injury.

The most dangerous places in the car for pedestrians were recognized as the side pillars and headlight areas. Electronic assistants were rated the highest – almost 90%. Almost the same result – in terms of such a parameter as protection of the driver and passengers. As for the level of safety for pedestrians, it is rated at 67.9%. In China, they are asking about 1.2 million rubles for this hatchback at the current exchange rate. Visually, the hatch is reminiscent of British Mini cars. It turned out to be very compact, reaching a length of just over 4 meters. The driving force is a 95- or 135-horsepower engine. The car is not on sale in Russia, but the possibility cannot be ruled out that it may appear in the future, since the brand is officially represented here (photo: JAC).

Meanwhile, more than 30 thousand Haval cars are subject to a recall campaign in Russia. It became known that this was due to a serious defect.

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