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A national automaker will appear in Cambodia: converted Chinese second-tier models will be assembled under the GTV brand. A minivan, a pickup truck and five crossovers of different classes have been announced: their assembly will start this year. The GTV plant is focused on the domestic market, investments will amount to 15.6 million US dollars; 738 jobs will be created at the site.

It’s hard to resist parallels with Russia: one of the new GTV products will be the redesigned JAC JS4 (“Moskvich 3”), others will be the Kaiyi X3 and X7, recently registered in Kaliningrad. The pickup truck is easily recognizable as the frameless VGV VX7: this brand is also promised to Russians.

The minivan expected in Cambodia is the BAIC Ace M7: a utilitarian 5.2-meter vehicle with a solid rear axle, simple engines and a spacious interior. The prices are by no means bargain-basement: the Moskvich 3 clone in the kingdom was valued at 27 thousand dollars (2.4 million rubles), the analogue of the Kaiyi X3 – at 20 thousand dollars (1.78 million rubles), and the minivan, which is in the top configuration costs 130 thousand yuan (1.6 million rubles) under the GTV brand “in the base” the price will rise to 34 thousand dollars (3.0 million rubles)!

Cambodia has a population of almost 17 million people; there are two Hyundai assembly plants and one Ford factory in the kingdom. The official statement said that the GTV Motor plant will start operating in early 2024, but the exact timing was not given.

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