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Recently in Russia they announced the start of sales of the new Chinese JAC T9 pickup truck. As the Chinese Cars portal found out, the version for Belarus differs from the Russian one – the pickup truck looks different and has a different engine. The new product has already appeared at Russian dealers and costs 3,399,000 rubles. It will reach Belarusian sellers at the end of May or early June, and will cost 135,400 Belarusian rubles (3.7 million Russian rubles).

First, the differences in design. The T9 for the Russian market has a different grille design – vertical chrome strips, while the Belarusian version has black honeycombs, while the shape of the grille itself and the massive plastic edging are the same for both pickups. The configurations of the cars are also different: in Russia the model is presented in the Explore version, and in Belarus – in the top-end Luxury version, this explains the difference in cost.

JAC T9 for the Belarusian market

As for engines, the Russian T9 is equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 224 horsepower. The pickup has an eight-speed automatic transmission and a differential with a mechanical lock in the rear axle. The carrying capacity of “our” pickup is 1055 kilograms.

The Belarusian version is equipped with a two-liter Cummins HFC4DB2-2D1 turbodiesel with an output of 170 horsepower, and the load capacity of this T9 is exactly a ton.

Sales of the JAC T9 pickup truck have started in Russia: equipment and price. JAC T8 Pro pickup truck has appeared in Russia: prices and equipment. JAC has finally revealed the cost of its models in Russia.

Today, the JAC model line in Russia consists of the JS3 and JS6 crossovers, the J7 liftback and three pickups: T8, T8 Pro and T9. In March, Motor drew attention to the fact that price lists were removed from the official Russian JAC website for unknown reasons, but at the end of April the prices reappeared. At the same time, one model was excluded from the list of those available for purchase – the IEV7S electric hatchback.

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