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Japanese authorities have begun large-scale inspections of Toyota factories

Toyota is facing a major crisis of confidence after it was discovered that its engine manufacturing partner, Toyota Industries, had falsified engine power data. This prompted a widespread response from Japanese authorities, who immediately began conducting thorough inspections at Toyota factories.

It is assumed that one software was used when testing diesel engines, and completely different software during mass production. Thus, the characteristics of the finished engines were overestimated. Data falsification was detected for three types of power units, which are installed on dozens of Toyota car models around the world. Among the affected models are the popular SUVs Land Cruiser Prado, Land Cruiser 300, Fortuner and Hilux pickup. This dealt a serious blow to the reputation of the Japanese corporation, known for the reliability of its products.

Japanese authorities immediately responded to the incident by launching large-scale inspections of Toyota production in order to identify possible violations and eliminate them. The operation of six conveyor lines at four of the company’s enterprises has already been suspended. Further reviews are pending with the involvement of all regulatory authorities. (photo: Toyota)

But the Chinese automobile company Chery does not seem to be experiencing such problems and is preparing for a large-scale launch of 30 new models under different brands at once. We told you when this will happen and what cars will be produced in a separate article.

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