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Thanks to certification documents, the features of the 2024 model year crossover have become known. The bold design with “hidden” two-tier headlights and fashionable retractable door handles will remain a thing of the past: Jetour Dashing will be less shocking! But the power of the base 1.5-liter turbo engine will increase from 156 to 184 horsepower, and a hybrid version is on the way.

Jetour Dashing entered the production line of the Kaliningrad Avtotor a month ago, and the Russian plant associates the future with the model: plans for 2025 include full-cycle assembly with welding and painting of bodies. However, the original crossover debuted in China two years ago, so an update is not far off.

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From the front, the appearance will change radically: it seems that in front of us is a different car! However, the new front bumper and conservative lighting technology have increased the length by only a centimeter, and the rear of the 2024 Jetour Dashing is exactly the same as it was. The rejection of retractable door handles is interesting: the Chery sub-brand is going against the trend. The 1.5-liter turbo engine in China will change: the SQRE4T15C will be replaced by a more modern and high-torque SQRG4J15 unit.

The Chinese premiere of the updated Jetour Dashing will probably take place in the coming months. However, this is unlikely to affect the Russian version: we do not need to update the line with such frequency. Now a basic crossover with a 6-speed manual transmission and a 1.5 engine (147 horsepower) costs from 2,489,900 rubles, but for cars produced in 2023 you can get a direct discount of 250 thousand rubles.

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